Introducing: Palliative Care

In November, my hospital sent me to attend the National Seminar given by CAPC, the Center to Advance Palliative Care.  My experience at the conference ended up being personally impactful.  I have always felt,  on an intuitive level, the profound differences between working for a hospice agency and a palliative medicine team in a hospital, since I changed treatment settings in 2008.  However, attending the conference stimulated a lot of thoughts for me about the uniqueness of palliative medicine in a medical hospital and a music therapist’s role there.  My impression of the music therapy end-of-life care scene is that we tend to focus on the hospice part of the greater palliative care umbrella, but there is so much more for us to know about, and so much more for us to offer. Continue reading “Introducing: Palliative Care”


Grateful: The AMTA Conference in Review

The holiday we just celebrated here in America reminds us that being grateful is a pretty important thing. Work in end of life care reminds us to be grateful on a daily basis. Life’s fleeting nature and unpredictability are impossible to ignore while interacting daily with people who are dying. Taking for granted anything that gives meaning to our lives becomes much less of a habit.

One thing my patients have taught me not to take for granted is time well spent. This year in particular, I’m grateful for having been able to attend the annual conference of the American Music Therapy Association. The conference was held in Louisville, Kentucky just a few weeks ago, and was definitely a time well spent.

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